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I loved the artwork style :) it was really refreshing to see a more classic style without the manga. And why i gave this 5 not 4 stars was because there was no dirty stuff for the sake of it, no naked girls, sex or just generally low stuff.
Loved it
P.s. that dog must have been a ninja to get out of that bin

BEEBOG responds:

I'd only do that if it was pertanent to the story. Story and characters come first, always.

I'm actually thinking of doing something a bit darker and emotional after a few more projects.

Pleased you enjoyed the style, it was my tribute to the greats that I grew up with really.

It was a good story, good music etc but i felt there were some issues. The animation made it feel like a computer game, it was slightly clunky and didn't feel quite right, the camera motion wasn't fluid and the effect on the film, wasn't to my taste, i just felt it was a bit too hazy to be the effect on the whole film. Also the man and dog looked a bit under designed and lifeless, which was a shame because the scenery was done well.
I'm only saying this because it was a a very good story with very good potential and i mean everything in a constructive way, overall it was a good use of almost ten minutes for me.

Good but desperately needs a higher fps

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Okay I like the look and feel of this game but there are some really annoying parts of it, firstly if you don't do anything for a few seconds these annoying red arrows come up telling you what to do. I want to be able to think, and to make my own choices or mistakes, with these arrows there you just can't play it and there is no way to turn them off. It is essentially a computer playing the game, and you are sitting there doing what it says.

Secondly the star system makes no sense, there is no explanation of how to gain stars and seeing as the gameplay is essentially luck, they can't represent skill. Also the levels don't get harder but that is less annoying.

Essentially get rid of the star system or make it very clear what they are for. And for gooodness sake get rid of those red arrows and let the user play the flippin game.

Okay it's a good concept... and can be fun. But that's really all the positives.

I found it really confusing you use an "off side rule", which is completely different to the real one, which makes it hard get to grips with.
Also, at the start it says stand away from the ball to do low shots but i tried this and it just decides to give the ball to the opposition, you can only do pathetic kicks or header it... this means scoring is luck, and defending is almost impossible because of the "off side rule". I understand the reason for the "off side rule" but because the pitch is so small (that's also quite annoying as it gives you zero reaction time) it really isn't needed.

In conclusion, if you add a button allowing me to choose when to kick, and make the pitch bigger OR (not and) get rid of the "off side rule". It is a FOUR STAR GAME.

If you add about three buttons (z,x,c?) for different types of manual kicks, and rename the "off side rule" (if you keep it) and make the pitch significantly bigger, then it's a FIVE STAR GAME.

I hope you do change it

Way too easy...

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